Our law firm’s approach to elder law and estate planning services


1. First, we listen

At O’Neill Elder Law, in Hudson, Wisconsin, the first step in the process of solving our clients’ problems is listening.

We need to know a lot of information to make solid recommendations. The family, financial, and legal issues involved in elder law and estate planning are complex. Each client’s situation is unique. That is why our initial consultations are two hours long.

One of our first questions is always, “What brings you in to see us today?” The answer to that question can be extremely complicated. It may involve family dynamics, financial issues, health issues, and more. We need to fully understand your situation so that we can offer you appropriate options. Where family is concerned, for example, we always ask two questions:

  1. Are all your family members healthy?
  2. Does everyone get along?

The answers to both of those questions can signal the need for a different approach to planning. For example, we can explain options for providing for a family member with a serious illness or disability. If there are tensions among family members, we can suggest alternatives that may avoid disputes over your end-of-life care or your estate.

2. Next, we explain your options.

Once we understand your circumstances, needs, and goals, we present you with options and explain them clearly. Attorney Jennifer A. O’Neill and her legal team are skilled at describing complex legal and financial options in clear language that is easy to understand. We fully explain the pros, cons, and costs associated with each alternative. We answer all your questions and make sure that you understand your choices.

Your future, your finances, and your family will be affected by the choices you make. Over the years, we have found that the people who are most satisfied with their plans are those who best understand their options. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions that are right for you and your family.

3. Finally, we prepare your documents and review them with you.

After you evaluate your options and make your choices, we prepare the documents that will turn your intentions into reality. Then we sit down with you to review all the documents and answer your questions.

We want you to be familiar with these documents. We don’t just flag the signature boxes and say, “Sign here, here, and here,” unless you specifically ask us to take that approach.

Making arrangements for the future through elder law and estate planning is a process. The legal team at O’Neill Elder Law is here to guide you through that process with knowledge, sensitivity, and compassion.

“We do not provide cookie cutter legal solutions. We don’t just fill in your name on a template. We craft a plan that addresses your specific situation. We use our knowledge to help you meet your individual needs and goals.” Certified Elder Law Attorney Jennifer A. O’Neill.

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